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Web Articles by the CyberPoet

Over the years, I've written many things for many sources, both professionally and otherwise. Some of those things I am prevented from placing on this web site because of contractual obligations. Here is a selection of some of the rest.

Current Newsletter is the current newsletter, and includes industry news, as well as special reports for our customers.

Infinite Wizdom is an article series I wrote in 1999, 2000 for an old friend, Matt, to put on his site to help provide it with content. I decided to write about what I had always wished someone else had told me along the path of life -- you know, smart things, simple things, better ways to do things, things that I had the misfortune usually to learn the hard way at some time or other. And, to help keep it light and fresh, I threw in some quotes, graffitti and perversion along the way. Consists of 12 Articles, each one to three pages long.

First Line Defense Against Infections, Colds, Bacteria and Viruses is an article I wrote to avoid having to dispense the same general common-sense advice about how to get rid of a cold, infection, fever just as you are starting to come down with it. In no way is it designed to compete with a doctor's professional advice (or antibiotics), but it is a straight-forward examination of what will make your body less hospitable to various infections very quickly and inexpensively.

Advanced Snow/Rain Driving Skills is an article I wrote in response to a request on two different newsgroups (audi & volvo) concerning driving in snow & what to do when you lose control.


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