First Line Defense:

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How to Beat that Infection!


Marc's theory on how to beat bacterial infections and most viral infections is based on very basic concepts and is easily accomplished. The how and the why are fully explained, so you too (even when your head is swimming with a head cold or strepp throat or a sinus infection) can understand it completely.

  1. All bacterium and most viruses thrive only in a certain stable environment. The parameters include temperature, salinity, PH (or acidity/base), relative moisture, and food availability (for bacteria).
  2. If you are currently suffering from some sort of infection, then three things are happening: (A) the environment somewhere in your body is to the liking of a type of bacterium or viral agent, (B) your immune system hasn't wiped out the source of the infection yet (possibly because it is depressed or hasn't recognized the invader yet), and (C) the bacteria or viral agents are breeding.
  3. Given the above, the first line of defense should be to try to make your body as unwelcome to the invader as possible by changing it's environment. You can quickly and cheaply alter many of the environmental parameters for your body using the steps below:
    • Food Availability: the most important one. Bacteria especially (and many viruses as well) require very simple sugars to survive and breed. These sugars are found in many common things you may consume while healthy or sick, such as soda, fruit juices, bread/grain products (including cake, cookies, bread, pasta, rice), and many fruits and vegitables. Removing the carbohydrates from your diet and switching to a high-protien, no-carb or super-low carb diet for a few days will keep virtually any bacteria (and many viruses) from spawning. Basically, this means eating meat products only, and drinking only water, diet sodas, unsweetened (or artificially sweetened) tea or coffee. Do not consume honey as a sugar alternative.
    • PH (acidity/base levels): Aspirin rapidly alters your blood PH to be more acidic. Note that aspirin-alternatives, such as tylanol, advil, isobufferin do not. Vitamin C also provides a high acidity source, and taking large doses of vitamin C is thus also beneficial for quickly and radically altering your blood chemistry. Take the maxium dosage of aspirin right away (not to exceed 1200 milligrams per dose or whatever the bottle says), and repeat every 6 to 8 hours for three days. Additionally, take 5000 milligrams of Vitamin C per day (you can take it as a single dose or as multiple smaller doses) -- vitamin C is available cheaply in large doses at almost every grocery store, as well as drug stores.
    • Salinity: Salt is the direct source of salinity in your body. Bacteria especially have a very difficult time dealing with excess salt, and can explode (rupture their cell walls) from high salt levels. Take a teaspoon of table salt (iodized or non-iodized) every four to six hours.
    • Temperature: Many viruses and all bacteria have only a certain temperature range in which they can thrive. When your body gets a fever, this is an internal attempt to alter your body's temperature to get rid of unwanted invaders. You can help your body by warming it up heavily before you ever get to the fever stage, both from outside (blankets, hot showers, warm clothes) and from inside (hot tea, hot drinks). If your infection is in your throat, it is especially important that your throat be kept warmer -- wrap it with a scarf or wear a turtle neck while sickly, even when you sleep (so you don't knock the blankets down and make your throat cooler).
    • Relative Moisture: virtually all bacteria and a few viruses require a specific moisture range to breed and to eat. If you have a respritory-based infection (head cold, sinus infection, sore throat or strep throat, upper or lower lung infection), use Actifed or Psuedofed, either of which causes the tissues in your respritory system to dry out (dehydrate) quite a bit, making it less nice for the bacterial orgies going on in there.
    • Boosting your immune system: your immune system can be given a strong boost by taking a good multi-vitamin/multi-mineral pill, and getting adequet sleep. In terms of vitamins, I'm not talking Flintstone's chewables here, but rather something with a much larger coverage and preferably marked "high stress" blend or mixture. Recommended are: Centrum Complete, GNC High Stress, One-A-Day High Stress. Take maximum dosage as per the instructions on the bottle. Do not take substancially more than the maximum dosage because some of the component vitamins can build up to toxic levels if you over dose [OD] on them. Then sleep as much as you can.

Gee, seems simple enough, right? So, to start with, as soon as you are feeling less than optimal, dash into the kitchen, swallow a teaspoon of salt, pop a couple aspirin and some vitamin C, take a multivitamin, take a hot shower and then bundle up. If you are experiencing sinus/nose/throat/chest/ear infections, add some actifed or psuedofed to the mix, then keep that part of your body wrapped up under extra clothing (such as a turtle neck or thick scarf, even in bed).
If your temperature rises above 100 degrees after being out of bed for an hour, or you start feeling worse, or you cough up blood, by all means, go see a doctor as soon as possible!

Good luck and I hope you feel better.


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