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Episode Eleven: Magnetic, Baby, Magnetic!
by Marc S.A. Glasgow, aka The CyberPoet®
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For the undertaker who can't afford a complete hearse.

Undertaker Too Poor to Buy Hearse?
Would You Consider a Hearse Trailer Instead?

Oh Honey!
Ever wonder why people always tell you to drink tea with lots of honey in it when you're sick? The reason: honey contains one of the most powerful antibiotics on the planet in it, which will coat your mouth and throat as you drink it. Matter of fact, the antibiotic in honey is so powerful that there are no known cases of bacteria becoming resistant to it -- which is also why honey never goes bad on the shelf without refrigeration!
Use the Best, Baby
Remember - good gasoline is a lot cheaper than a good mechanic. 
I'm Dripping
Electronic equipment for private and commercial use, such as computers, stereo equipment, televisions and so forth are normally designed for environments that have non-condensing relative humidity of under 85%. In Florida during the wet summer months, unless you seal up and run the A/C or at least an industrial grade dehumidifier, you can very easily surpass the tolerances most equipment is built to operate in.
On Being a Burn Out
Clients often ask me what the primary reasons for computer equipment failure is. Here is the answer: dander, electric spikes and cheap components. Dander and other contaminants get on top of the chips and power supplies of your computer, forming an insulation blanket which causes the equipment to run hotter than it was designed to operate at, shortening lifespans. Electric spikes, like waves in the ocean, get generated whenever appliances and equipment turns on & off; the bigger the equipment, the bigger spike. Finally, cheap components are used by many clone manufacturers to reduce the cost. Usually these cheap components have a mean-time-between-failure (MTBF) of 18 months, enough to insure the computer maker doesn't get stuck with it in their one year warrantee. Two firms that I know of don't use cheap components: Apple and IBM. Why? Because they sell to the military for secure systems, their components have to be mil-spec in general.
Gotta Cover It Up
Trying to get a good paint job done?
Prep it properly -- make sure it's sanded medium-fine for rough surfaces, or roughed up a bit for smooth surfaces (such as plastics and metals). Then make sure the item is dust/oil free (use a solvent on metal and plastics to remove the oils, including those from your fingerprints; a tack cloth or vacuum cleaner on wood to remove all the dust). 
Use the right base -- use a primer if it's a surface that has never been painted before; primer is a special paint formulation designed to act as an intermediary layer between the surface and the finish paints to insure adhesion.
Paint correctly - when applying paint or primer, be it by spray, brush or roller, always make the layers as thin as possible, and then use multiple layers applied with a few minutes drying time in-between each layer. Why? Because the paint won't sag or run by accident, and the paint job will be as even and smooth as possible.
Is She Winking at Me?
If the blinker cover plastic on your car has gotten damaged, contact a salvage or junk yard for the part before trying the dealer. The salvage operation will remove the same item off a vehicle that was totaled, and save you 30% to 80% off dealer pricing.
Magnetic Personality
Magnetic media on different surfaces has different expect useful lifespans. Generally, the harder the surface the magnetic media is on, the more uses you can get out of it before it fails. As a consultant, I plan replacement schedules for magnetic media, using the following rules of thumb:
Type & Use Replacement
Daily Back-up Tapes (DAT, DLT, etc.) 6 months
Weekly or Monthly Back-up Tapes  1 year
ZIP or JAZ used daily or weekly 6 months
ZIP or JAZ used monthly 1 year
Syquest used daily or weekly 1 year
Syquest used monthly 18 months
ORB cartridge 1 to 2 years

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Marc Glasgow is a Macintosh Consultant serving the Tampa Bay area since 1990.
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