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Episode Eight: Its in the Mix
by Marc S.A. Glasgow, aka The CyberPoet®
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Picking Your Enemies
"Make no little enemies -- people with whom you differ for some petty, insignificant personal reason. Instead I would urge you to cultivate 'mighty opposites' -- people with whom you disagree on big issues, with whom you will fight to the end over fundamental convictions. And that fight, I can assure you, will be good for you and your opponent."
-- Thomas Watson, Jr.
founder of IBM
Peasant Under Glass
To make your own window washing fluid, mix one gallon of warm water with two teaspoons of liquid dish detergent and a cup of vinegar. Apply as usual (spray bottle or with a sponge) and wipe down with old newspapers until dry. It works miracles -- even better than windex and paper towels.
To get your dishes to stop having water spots (especially in Florida), add a quarter cup of white vinegar to your dishwasher immediately after the last wash cycle (i.e. - in the rinse cycle), or a half cup into the rinse water if you hand wash your dishes.
It Just Keeps Going Round
The best alloy wheel cleaner we've found so far (to remove brake dust) is old fashioned dish detergent mixed in warm water at about the same strength as you'd use to wash dishes. Apply with a sponge or soft bristled brush, rub a little, then rinse off liberally with water. Dry with a rag if you're worried about water spots. 
I Gave Her a Nice Ring
Trying to get that ring out of your bathtub after washing down car parts in it (or just left-overs from that scented bath oil)? Rather than forking out big bucks for scrubbing bubbles, get some comet or ajax and a sponge with a scotchbright pad... sprinkle liberally, then put the sponge under your foot with the scratchy side facing down and rub away  -- your foot exerts significantly more pressure than your hand normally and it should come clean in two or three back and forth wipes...
Drive Em Crazy
Call your company's competition and pretend to be a customer. See what they offer you, how they differ from what your company does. Then call your own company as a customer and repeat the exercise, noting how your firm differs from what you thought your company does.
It Soaked Right In!
If you have nylon or canvas items, like a wind breaker or a tent, spray them down with CampDry (available at most grocery stores and virtually all sports equipment stores) after washing to keep them waterproof. Note that CampDry isn't real good to breathe, so do it outside...
Should It Stick Like That?
In freezing, or cold wet weather, zippers tend to want to freeze together and not open properly -- the reasons military clothing generally has buttons instead of zippers. To cure sticking zippers and prevent them from acting up in cold, rub each side of the zipper with chapstick or the wax from a soft candle. 
Nyet, Nyet, Nyet
For those considering vacationing in the former East Germany or mother Russia, be advised that American tourists are easy targets and often sought out by both criminals and right-wing extremists. If staying in any large city (populations over 200,000), avoid venturing out on foot at night and instead take taxi's directly from place to place. 
Especially dangerous: St. Petersburg, Moscow, Dresden.
Still Smelling Like Roses
Rather than just keeping toilet paper in your bathroom, consider also keeping a package of babywipes; consider unscented ones at that. You'll come to appreciate having them handy.  
Like a Chastity Belt
Although the US Army is primarily Wintel oriented, the US Army's new web/email/ftp server preference for use at the organizational level is a combination of Macintosh hardware (including iMac's) and WebStar server software. Why? Because the combination is virtually totally immune to malicious attacks, due to the combination of the mac's operating system and the server software's design.
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