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Episode Seven: I'd Do the Coppertop Bunny
by Marc S.A. Glasgow, aka The CyberPoet®
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Just Do It
"It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit."                                               -- Harry S. Truman
Does It Look Red To You?
Automated film processing, which is used in virtually every film processing place in America, sets the colors and contrast levels of a picture based on the lightest and darkest things in them. If you want your pictures to maintain absolutely true color fidelity, place a color chart at the edge of what you're going to shoot in the first picture at each location. The chart should have areas with a flat black, a pure white, saturated red, green and blue areas. If your pictures are intended for a print market (i.e. - magazines, books), also include areas of pure cyan, magenta and yellow on the chart. The chart can be cropped out later, after it's colors are used to correct any color variations.
CD Does Not Mean Clinically Deceased
When you're planning on getting your film transferred onto a photo-CD, always go with a Kodak authorized provider for both the film processing and the CD; the quality (and cost) of the equipment used by Kodak's CD processing department is unmatched by any other firm in the consumer developing business sector. 
Damn, the Vibrator Went Dead
It's battery time again; figure out which batteries you need for your smoke detector(s), flashlights and other equipment you would really rather not do without, and go buy spares in those sizes. A battery is good for about 3 years on the shelf, and many brands now have battery testers built into the battery itself.
Would You, Could You
The Bunny or the copper top? Independent research shows that Energizer batteries are better if you are planning on using a high-draw item continiuously, while Duracell is better if it's a high-draw item that stays in the draw and is used infrequently. 
Sweaty Palms
Rumor would have it that the beauty parlor/spa in the Tampa Palms' shopping center (Bruce B. Downs and Tampa Palms Blvd, next to Publix) only charges $10 for a complete message. I haven't verified it yet, but will soon :)
More Power!
The difference between a diesel engine and a gasoline engine is that the diesel provides maximum acceleration in the low RPM ranges, while gasoline engines provide it in the upper ranges. If you are constantly hauling a heavy load, go with a diesel to help you get up to speed; if on the other hand, you want passing power at higher speeds, go with a gasoline engine.
A Clinton Cigar, Anyone?
American citizens are not generally allowed to visit Cuba, based on U.S. Government rules. Exceptions: Journalists, and anyone visiting by private boat (provided they fill out a coast guard form). According to Germans I've talked to, it's a great place to vacation, as the American dollar goes far and the place is under-exploited.
I'm Getting Rusty
When you find rust on electrical contacts, such as household electric plugs and automotive contacts, sand them down with a piece of 600 grit emory cloth. If it's a plug that doesn't get unplugged regularly, add a dab of dielectric gease to help prevent future rusting. 
Built Like a Brickhouse
Every time I think about it, I get steamed -- bathrooms are generally the most poorly designed rooms in a house. Think about it: even in bathtubs, most people shower, and yet the soap dish is set low enough to be annoying. So, if you're doing a revamp on a bathroom, fork out the extra $12 to $20 for another soap dish and put two of them in -- one where the traditional one goes, and one at shoulder height under the shower head.
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