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Episode Four: Beyond the Pail
by Marc S.A. Glasgow, aka The CyberPoet®
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Careful Examination
"When you're rich, it's malnutrition; when you're poor, it's starvation" 
                                 Graffitti, author unknown, circa 1970
Too Much Rubbing...
Got a pot or a pan that you're having a problem getting burnt food out of? Fill it to above the burnt level with hot water, then add a large squirt of dishwasher detergent (not the stuff you use in the sink, but in the dishwasher) and set it on the stove to boil. In five to ten minutes, your burnt remains should be in the liquid, not on the pan, as the circulation of the boiling water causes the hard particles in the detergent to scrap across the bottom and sides.
Handle Me Carefully, Baby!
Halogen lights are made with a high-temp filament, and a quartz glass container holding halogen gas, a flame retardent. Because of the nature of the quartz used, oils from the human body are readily absorbed by it, which causes it to break. So, next time you change halogen bulbs, remember: never touch the bulb with your hands -- use a paper towel or toilet paper on the new bulb instead!
He Swayed Me to Do It
Sick of an old suede jacket or pair of suede shoes? If you take neatsfoot oil (available in any grocery store with the shoe polishes) and liberally apply it, the suede will darken and lay flat, looking like any other oiled leather, and give your item a whole new look. And another benefit: now it's waterproof!
Ever wonder what the big deal is about zip plus four? The extra four digits allow the post office's system to automatically sort for your actual building, improving the odds of getting the right address and reducing the travel time. 
Travel times:
a hand written address with a 5 digit zip -- 6 days to arrive;
a printed one with a five digit zip -- 3 to 4 days;
a printed one with the correct ZIP+4 takes 2 to 3;
a printed one with ZIP+4 and a barcode -- 2 days to anywhere in the US. 
Hot Waxing
Ever wonder what dealers use on used cars to make them shine so well? It's not wax, but rather a polymer compound, which forms a plastic micro-layer over the existing finish. Just look at the car parts store for it.
Burning Desires
The age of the CD burner seems to have arrived, and now DVD burners are starting to appear. The problem with DVD burners is that there are still two competing DVD formats. Appearantly, with Apple Computer shipping the DVD RAM version of DVD burners in some of their desktops, the DVD RAM standard will become the defacto standard in the industry. So, if you are shopping for a DVD burner, remember: either it should support DVD RAM as either it's primary format, or as at least an option, or you'll probably get stuck out in the cold.
She's So Scuzzi
If you're looking to increase the performance of your computer, don't overlook improving the rate that data flows to and from the hard drive(s). While most PC's and new Mac's ship with E IDE (ATA), an alternative standard called SCSI is available and is a vastly superior (and faster) technology. SCSI offers speeds up to 6x faster than the fastest E IDE system, and unlike IDE, it can stack commands to free up the computer while data is being retrieved. 
Bound and Gagged
If you carry a roll of fiber tape in your car, you can use it to make an emergency fan belt that will hold out for up to three hundred miles. Take the tape, wrap it through the path the fan belt goes, with the adhesive facing out, and go over the whole path at least twice.
Note: Duct Tape is not suitable to the purpose.
It Splattered Everywhere!
If someone spills wine in your carpet (and especially red wine, because it stains readily), pour liberal amounts of salt on it, and the wine will soak into the salt (which can later be vacuumed up).
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