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US Gov't Warns of Windows Attack

[August 1st, 2003] The US Government's Homeland Security Agency has issued a serious warning that it has evidence of a major attack on Windows-based computers located in the USA is being readied by foriegn nationals. Mac users can continue life as usual in the knowledge they are immune to this threat. Go Mac!

Apple Announces G5's
[Jun 24th, 2003] Apple has shown their new G5 tower units, designed to replace the existing G4 PowerMac line up. According to the information released, the units will ship by the end of summer in 1.6 Ghz, 1.8 Ghz, and dual 2.0 Ghz speeds, and are capable of outrunning anything available on the Intel platform. Additionally, Apple states that it plans to ship a dual 3.0 Ghz unit by Christmas. The new units use a variety of new architecture technologies to dramatically speed everything in the box, not just reusing older technology with faster processors. Also of note, the new units ship with 9 fans altogether, yet is designed to run quieter than the existing G4 line it replaces, by having each fan operate at a lower (quieter) speed. Pricing for the top of the line (dual 2 Ghz) unit is expected to be around $3,000 - $3,200.

MicroSoft Buys SoftWindows
[Feb 20th, 2003] Connectix, maker of SoftWindows for the Mac, among other products, has announced that MicroSoft has purchased several of Connectix's assets, including SoftWindows, the only really viable software-based Windows emulator for the Mac. This could go two ways: Microsoft could step up the production efforts to ensure that SoftWindows is truly compatible with the PC counterpart, or alternatively, they could shelve the product (which may make much better business sense, since if you need to run Windows software, you would then be forced to buy into the whole MS Hegemony). How's that for a switcher campaign counter-attack?
   In a related news, Microsoft filed an injunction to stop FWB from distributing it's Softwindows98 product. FWB is planning on distributing a similiar product called SoftPC by the end of August, which will not be bundled with an operating system (you will have to install your own).

Apple Releases Faster Xserve and New Xserve RAID

[Feb 11th, 2003] Apple has upgraded the speed on it's Xserve line of thin blade servers, and released their Xserve Raid (3U). The new servers ship with 1.33 Ghz single or dual G4 processors. Speculating on why the 1.42 Ghz G4 recently released in the top-of-the-line desktop unit isn't being deployed, my best guess would be because of heat dissipation reasons: "such a small box presents problems in disposing of heat rapidly enough."
  Apple has also released their XServe RAID, a 3 rack-unit tall 14-drive unit, capable of holding 2.52 terabytes of data. The RAID uses ATA/100 drives coupled with a 2Gb Fibre channel interface.

Surfing at Work for Productivity?

[Feb 4th, 2002] In a study released by University of Maryland researchers, companies who permitted their employees to surf the net while at work tended to get more productivity hours out of them. Although this might not make sense at first glance, the bottom line was that workers who surfed at work tended to more than make up for it by work they took home (3.7 hours surfing, vs. 5.9 hours of homework). For more details, please visit CNet's article on the matter.

OS X version 10.2.3
Special Notes

[Dec 20th, 2002] Apple, having released the latest Jaguar update, has involuntarily caused a number of problems. Systems running OS 10.2.1 & 10.2.2 were capable of running OS 9.2.1. With the adoption of 10.2.3, only 9.2.2 is supported as the classic operating system. Although this seems logical, many manufacturer's legacy products are not supported under OS 9.2.2 (but were under 9.2.1), thus creating a new mandatory upgrade cycle. This issue affects certain third-party hardware as well as software, such as UMax Astra 2000 series scanners.
  Symptom: On launching classic under OS 10.2.3, classic starts to load and then shortly before completing, displays a message that the computer must be restarted (message in several languages). Solution: Disable OS 9.2.1 and install a clean copy of 9.2.2 instead, or reinstall OS 10.2.2 (and skip the upgrade to 10.2.3).

Apple Releases New Units:
Bumps Speed, Cuts $$$

[Feb 4th, 2003] Apple has released several new machines over the last two weeks, obsoleted some older units, and has cut prices across the board. The new line-up tops out with a dual-processor 1.42Ghz PowerMac G4 Tower, a PowerBook with a 17" inch screen (see next story down). Obsoleted: the 22" Cinema Display (in favor of the 23" model, now priced at $1999). SuperDrives are standard on all but the most budget priced units.

Apple Releases 1" Thick 17" Screen Laptop

[Jan 2003] Shown above, Apple has released the largest laptop screen of any manufacturer to date, with the same 17" screen traditionally used in desktop flat screen monitors. The unit is still only one inch thick when closed. For those who prefer a smaller screen, Apple still offers 12.1" and 15.2" based PowerBooks, as well as 12.1" and 14.1" iBooks.


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