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A Two Page Poem of Love and Lust

Loins, rising and falling,
as lust consumes all,
the feel of your mouth,
the places your hair cares to fall.
The touch of your skin to Mine,
could anything else be so fine?
I taste your neck, at the nape,
ready to My clothing forsake,
as my hands reach for your breasts,
and our breathing gives to shortness of breath.
Your eyes closed,
your teeth biting the sheets,
as I slowly kiss my way up,
starting at your feet...
I feel the warmth of your skin,
so fine and so soft,
as we feel our yearning,
bearing us aloft...
Closing My eyes,
I touch My lips to your heat,
shuttering, moaning,
you dare not retreat,
as the intensity mounts.
It feels so good...
I taste you softly,
licking your hood.
Rising to the occasion,
my mouth proceeds to crawl,
coming up your body,
you realize that's not all...
Softly, I push myself into you,
as you have so preciously asked Me to do,
and take you in my arms.
In the back of our heads ring alarms,
as the primordial beast takes control,
and exacts from our bodies it's precious toll.
Flexing, gasping, clawing for grip,
biting, touching, you begin to slip --
over that edge of reality; such sensations,
felling the heat radiating from our ministrations.
And then the shuddering passes through both of us,
having fed the carnal beast, consumed with lust.
Afterwards, we lay quietly and kiss,
having conceived this, perfect bliss.
Holding each other, against the on-coming night...
For a change, because we're together, everything is all right.
And on the wind's gentle breeze,
you hear, with weak and bent knees,
the words come wafting... "I love you,"
and you know deep down, that I do...
Holding each other so gently, we fall into a deep sleep,
and occasionally, I awake,
to take but a peek,
of the precious love that I value,
oft more than life itself,
for her love has made Me,
wealthier than wealth
of diamond or gold or money could every buy,
for she is mine, and I am her guy...
We belong together,
as a pair,
and each of Us longs,
when the other's not there...
When she walked into my life,
I had thought I had forgotten how to give in,
to the emotions that leave Us so vulnerable...
Is she out there waiting for Me?
The CyberPoet

DATE: 1994


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