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Lucifer's Soldiers

Looking over the banks of the river Nile,
watch us smile, watch us smile.
when julius was stabbed by you know who,
he sad we had to, yes, we had to.
And as Christ lay bleeding on the cross,
he said we should pay the cost, or all was lost.
and when Rommel was pushing his troops across the land,
we were his band, pushing those miles of sand,
we should stand, yes, we should stand.
And when Napoleon fought for power,
it was his hour, and we fought for his tower.
And when Gengis Kahn killed millions of men,
we were there then, and we'll be back again.
When Ready Teddy lead the roughriders up San Juan hill,
we did kill, and we're here still...
looking over the passages of time,
I realize death is mine, yes, death is mine,
to deal and deliver to the masses,
lead by whatever name under which lucifer passes.
Politics and social aggression,
should never both be in one session,
or else we'll be around,
and there's no telling what's to be found,
but always beware, when the time's near,
we, the soldiers for the angel of death are here.
The CyberPoet

DATE: 8 May 1985


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