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Over the years, the one referred to as the CyberPoet has written an amazing amount of poetry. His stance on poetry is that it is like a mixed salad -- after three or four days, it should be thrown out and replaced afresh. On this page you will find links to poetry created over the decades, some good, some poor, and all a reflection of some aspect of life at a particular point. The poetic stances may be humorous, sexual, grim, short, long, deeply touching, or just whimsical. They are presented here in rough phases, and inevitably, from so prodigious a source. this is but a small scattering of poetry, which will be added to and updated as time goes by (so check back).

Pre 1985

From 1985
Heartbreak leads to odd circumstances and the CyberPoet finds himself inducted into the army -- writings from this dark period interspersed with occasional light.

From 1991 - 1994
Insight and deliverance when the CyberPoet realizes the truth that everyone has their own demons buried within.

From 2000 - 2001
An affair by his fiancee leaves the CyberPoet looking at the quest afresh, with new views and hopes...


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