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19 June 2003
Tampa, FL

   Exactly what qualifies as Hyper Cool Shit (HCS)? Do I really have to explain it to you? Think about it... something that would make you do a double-take in traffic as you passed a bike with this on it -- even if you weren't a biker! Usually a new, radically different concept. Not the same-old, same-old. It could be hoopty, or it could be technologically advanced, but all in all, whatever it is, it has to have at least two of three things: a cool factor, a techno-geek factor, and/or realizable benefit. If someone brings out a new fuel management chip for a fuel-injected bike that adds 1% benefit at the top end, it's not really HCS. If someone makes another exhaust that sounds like everyone else's, that not really HCS. So here is our starting list of Hyper Cool Shit things...

19 June 2003

Tomahawk Cycle Tires
Color-silicate impregnated ZR rated tires on your favorite tire carcass:
Color Tires Graphic from Mnf
Gotta have a set? Blue, Red, Yellow are available and pricing is slightly below standard tires...
See: Tomahawk Cycle Tires

19 June 2003

Rapidly change your riding position by altering your bar location...
Allows you to change handlebar position anywhere in a range of up to 4" up and 6" back in 60 seconds:

ConvertiBAR down position
All the way down.... OR
ConvertiBAR up position
All the way up and back...
(or anywhere inbetween!)

Only boggle I have with them is the price ($299 + additional hardware as needed -- longer brake lines, wire loom extenders), but it's a hyper cool shit idea... If they were $99, everyone would have them. Or if any particular manufacturer got smart, they'd buy the idea from these guys and integrate into all their sport-touring bikes.
Anyway, See: ConvertiBARS

20 June 2003

Carbon Fiber -- Toilet Seat?
Every now and then you run into one of those guys who loves carbon fiber so very much that they simply can't function without it on every surface of their bike... For those guys, there is now the ultimate solution: The Carbon Fiber Toilet Seat...
The Ultimate Place to take the Hyper Cool Shit this year...

Available for only $195.00 (includes the chrome brackets for that price!)
See: Rider Performance Motorcycles' Carbon Fiber Toilet Seat

21 June 2003

Traffic Light Love Story
Downtown Brussels, Belgium:

30 June 2003

Training Bras, I mean Engine Bars...
OK, let's face it, every rider has to start somewhere, and one of the most obvious parts of that is dropping the bike. Now, I know there are firms out there that make large, kind of obvious looking really bulky engine guards (crash bars), mostly for cruisers. As I've mentioned before, my other half is learning to ride and finding crash bungs, frame sliders or even crash bars for a '94 Ninja 500 is a bit difficult. Then I stumbled across Renntec, a British outfit that makes tiny engine bars for virtually all sport bikes, street-sport cycles, sport-touring bikes, that don't have 100% coverage on the fairings (small enough not to be obvious, but strong enough to keep the motor from being damaged, usually matched to the frame, and provides a little insurance for your ankles as well):

These guys also build after-market grab rails that actually work, and sports racks (think rear shelf racks for behind the passenger seat) for virtually every sports bike on the planet.

26 November 2003

Hydrogened Powered Unicycle to be built by Bombadier?
Definitely HSC, if it makes it to even the drivable-prototype stage. Read the article for details.

The Forbes Magazine Article about it.


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