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   We're just getting started with building up the motorcycle section of the website, but it's going rapidly enough to warrant linking it into the bigger scheme of things. In case you don't know, everyone in our household rides, and there's been talk of starting a new motorcycle magazine... which may beg the question, can the US market absorb another motorcycle magazine? I think the answer is yes, because the type of magazine I'm thinking of I haven't seen out there on the US market (on the other hand, it is available in certain other markets, such as some of the offerings from the European presses). Meanwhile...

   Hyper Cool Shit? Sometimes we stumble across things that are not well known as even existing, much less available commercially, and discussions of such things can be reached through that menu choice.

  The How-To's section is still a bit weak, but it's growing regularly, as we provide more and more methods for how to install, troubleshoot, repair, and upgrade your bike.

  Cool T-Shirts! is just that -- we designed and made a bunch of cool T-Shirts, sweatshirts, lady's tee's and so forth for the motorcycle crowd that you won't find anywhere else, and you can now order online! Included are special T-Shirts with themes specific to female drivers.

   The Blogs & Thoughts section has just random thoughts about motorcycling, industry events, handling, etc.

  Used Bike Inventories is just that -- last time we tried to find a bike for her, rather than running all over (which we did anyway), I built a list of dealers who maintain online inventories of their used bike offerings -- you'll find that list here (so you too can check out what's being offered).

  10 Key Katana Upgrades actually isn't necessarily Katana specific, but is a set of upgrades that we apply to most bikes (and to every Katana that passes through our hands), changing them from run-of-the-mill to superior machines in various respects (both performance and safety enhancements).

   Travel Logs are just that -- notes from the road.

   And finally, Pictures are pictures :)

   The "Other" choice will shell you back out to the main CyberPoet.NET consulting site.

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How to install a headset radio or stereo headphones into your helmet.
Real User Review: ChatterBox series helmet radios.


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