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Welcome to The CyberPoet's eBay Pages. This pages are set up to help you with the bidding process, explain our policies and answer questions. On the left, you will find a menu with some selections you can make. Here is what each of those selections will do:

CP on eBay:

  • More Info - Current Items: This will take you to a web page with additional information on the unique items we are currently selling on eBay. If anyone has asked a question about a current product, not only do we reply to their email directly, but if it is an issue that might interest other bidders, we also post the same responses here for everyone to see.
  • General Sales Policies: This will take you to a web page with our general policies concerning eBay sales. That page answers generic questions about our sales at eBay, such as what's your return policy, how do you calculate shipping and so forth.
  • Our Feedback @ eBay: This will take you to a web page at eBay with our current, updated feedback from other eBay members who have bought things from us (or sold things to us). Pay attention to these ratings on any seller before buying something, since other's opinions are valuable in avoiding fraud and deception.
  • Ask a Question: This link should pop up a blank email with our email address in it for you to send us a question. If it doesn't work, odds are that your email reader or web broswer's preferences aren't set right. That's ok, because you can still send us an email directly at:


  • Shipping Address: If you are planning on mailing us a check, a money order, cashier's check, or merchandise, this is where to send it. Our address is no secret...
  • CyberPoet.NET: Our main site, which deals with our Macintosh & Unix consulting operations, our book publishing operations and other assorted miscellaneous issues.


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