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Supported Products

Our list of supported hardware, software and related technologies is so long that no single web page can do it justice (that is, of course, unless I invest 120 hours creating a single, extremely long and boringly detailed web page for it -- and I am unwilling to do that). So, we have broken it down into a series of generalized statements, catagories, and where applicable, actually hardware names & software titles.

Macintoshes: The rule of thumb on this matter is that if it is a mac, connects to a mac or runs on a mac, we provide complete support for it (Mac List). Unlike our competitors, we are not a sales outfit that provides presales support, but rather a true consulting firm. We look at your needs and base our recommendations upon that, not upon what's in inventory this week (we don't even sell hardware or software normally).
  Our services include preventative maintenance, off-site secure back-up & storage, need assessment and planning, installation & implimentation, hardware/software upgrades, operating system upgrades, training and a host of other support services. If your operation isn't large enough to have a permanent, dedicated Macintosh IT person (or simply doesn't have one), we're the people you should turn to. Our macintosh consultants have an average of over twelve years of mac-specific consulting or support experience each. Please ask about our 99.98% uptime rates for our Mac client-base.

Networks: The rule of thumb on this matter is that if it is a network, we support it. Specifically, we tend to support primarily 10/100/1000BaseT and fiberoptic-based networks, including hubs, routers, switches, internet connectivity (DSL, ISDN, T1, T3, D1, cable), mail/ftp/web servers, and various other network devices (such HP's Digital Sender series). Our solutions are all tried and tested before we impliment them at your end, so you know that you won't get stuck being a 'guinea pig' for some consultant's whims.
  We also provide pre-construction network and electrical planning for new offices and buildings, to insure your needs are met, both currently and in the future. This single service can save you literally tens of thousands of dollars in the long run, as your firm grows, changes and restructures itself.
  Our network consultants have up to 20 years of network experience each, and all have a minimum of over five years of hands on networking experience in a variety of environments.

Training: we provide software training for almost all software on the market running on Windows, UNIX and Macintosh. On top of traditional software training, we also provide fundamentals training in accounting, layout and publishing, graphic arts, computer technology and repair, and systems & network administration concepts.
  Having seen other training outfits in town leave their clients with that burned-out expression by the fourth hour of an eight hour class, we structure our classes to be one and half to three hours long (depending on the saturation point) on a repeating interval, such as weekly or semi-weekly. This greatly increases our clients' information retention and also allows them to actively use and familiarize themselves with what they learned between classes, permitting questions and issues that they encounter to be raised in the next class, rather than being stranded afterwards. Furthermore, we provide training for your personnel at your site, either in a group setting or as one-on-one training, reducing the lost of man-hours for travel, and removing the possibility of being trained on a system different from those you use.

UNIX: we support Solaris, AU/X, AIX, HP UNIX, NeXT, as well as BSD and OSX. If it networks, prints from, scans to or interacts with a UNIX system, we can support it. We can provide system's configuration, needs matching, and custom programming at both the application and system levels. In addition, we can provide programming training C, C++, FORTRAN, ADA and BASIC for UNIX use.

Windows: Enterprise level and above, only. We don't support it at the desktop level, although we are well qualified to (including MCSE-qualified and A+ qualified staff). We do support Windows systems at the Enterprise level, including networks, corporate databases, IIS services, et cetera.
  Why do we not support Windows at the desktop level? Because there are literally hundreds of firms in the area that specialize in supporting Windows and related software and hardware, firms whose niche is that one set of Microsoft operating systems, and we have decided not to concentrate on such an over-saturated market segment at the desktop level.
  Moreover, we will be happy to recommend the right consulting or sales outfit for your Windows-based needs if that is the solution that is best for your situation. In some cases it is, in some cases it isn't. Our stance is that there is not a 'best' computer or a 'best' operating system for all users, but rather that there are 'best' solutions for specific needs and uses, and our consultants have the cross-platform knowledge to specify when that need would be best met by a UNIX, Macintosh, Windows or other system, or as a combination thereof.

Large Enterprise Systems on all platforms: we provide IT oversight to top management, to insure you are getting what you can out of your IT departments. We also provide long-term (1 to 5 year horizon) planning to insure that the technology path your firm has choosen will not turn into dead end that may leave your firm unable to function competitively in the future. For our customers in this catagory, we were addressing Y2K issues prior to 1992 -- was your IT department or outside consultants?
  Additionally, we provide peer review of IT programs, technical interviews for IT candidates and IT management positions, and complete business workflow process review. We are so confident of our workflow process review, that if we don't save you more than our fees, we will not charge for the review.


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