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Created from the dust in 1990, three computer geeks (well, quasi-geeks), then employed at Egghead Software, formed a consulting firm under the name of AardWolf Consulting. At it's original inception, it had been designed to provide a tax-write offs from them (and thus garner more college grant monies), but in that aspect it failed -- there were simply too many clients clamoring for assistance. One of these computer geeks, Marc Glasgow, had already had the moniker of the CyberPoet since 1979, which is where the name stems from.

By the middle of 1992, two of the original founders, Elliot Cotto and Dan Bookwalter decided their other duties and obligations were such that they no longer wanted to be principals in the company, but rather preferred to remain as sub-contractors. Marc Glasgow strove onwards, recruiting additional talent and increasing the size of the client-base.

1994 marked the year that Marc Glasgow and Egghead parted ways. Although almost certainly coincidental, just a few months later, everyone else parted ways with Egghead, too, as Egghead closed it's Tampa operations permanently. By the end of the year, all the Egghead stores in Florida were history. This is what happens when technical operations are run by people with grocery store management experience.
Meanwhile, it was a good year for AardWolf, growing by leaps and bounds, and entering into mutual-support agreements with other specialized consulting firms to provide clients with a wider scope of technical specialists.

By 1995, AardWolf Consulting was serving over 200 client sites, including federal government agencies, fortune 500 firms, as well as smaller companies and individual users. The range of services offered broadened as more specialized talent was recruited, and as the existing staff continued training and certification programs.


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